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Part B of the project has begun!

Welcome to the Meredith US 3/NH 25 Website

The US Route 3 and NH Route 25 corridors play a key role in moving residents and visitors throughout the Lakes Region and Meredith.  The Meredith US 3/NH 25 Improvements Project strives to balance the needs of the traveling public with the desire of Meredith to maintain its unique character and charm.  The project begins on US 3 at its intersection with Route 104, runs north approximately one mile to Route 25, and then runs north on Route 25 for approximately 1,000 feet to its intersection with Pleasant Street.

The project is currently in the second step (Part B) of a three step project development process to have the improvements ready for construction.  Part A was a planning study that worked with a project Advisory Committee made of local and regional stakeholders that resulted in a Project Vision and a Reasonable Range of Alternatives. The Project Vision reads:

Meredith's village and rural settings will be enhanced by the US 3 /NH 25 corridor, which will allow easy access to village destinations while moving traffic through in a slow, steady, safe and efficient manner.  Peak congestion in Meredith and the Region will be mitigated by managing pedestrian flow, educating the public about alternate traffic routes and providing for various modes of transportation.  People will feel comfortable walking or cycling on the corridor which will promote the town’s social life, recreational offerings, historic features, and economic vitality.  Long term viability of the corridor and stewardship of the natural environment and cultural assets will remain a steadfast priority.

Many alternatives, strategies, components, visions, etc. were considered to meet the Project Vision.  After a lengthy screening process the Range of Reasonable Alternatives were developed.  The Project Vision and Range of Reasonable Alternatives will serve as the foundation for Part B.  Part B involves the selection of a Preferred Alternative through additional screening and the preparation of an environmental document.  Once Part B is completed, the project will move into Part C where final design is performed to prepare the Preferred Alternative for construction.

Study Documents:

Roundabout Alternative

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Discussion Points

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